Microsoft Azure Migration

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Future-proof your business with Azure 

COVID shows how businesses need to be agile and resilient to face any unexpected challenges. Moving to Azure will help you innovate in new ways by adopting a cloud-based operations model or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) technologies. At the same time, you will also be able to take full advantage of modernising with fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) offerings. 

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Migrate and modernise your mission-critical workloads

Virtual Desktop

Access your desktop and applications from virtually anywhere. Enable secure remote work in minutes.


Easily move on-premises Windows Server and supported Linux distributions to Azure. Extend your VMware environments to Azure.


Migrate SQL Server to Azure Virtual Machines or a fully managed option like Azure SQL Database. Get minimal downtime and built-in HA, monitoring and security.

Web apps

Spend more time innovating and less time managing infrastructure by modernising your .NET, Java and PHP web apps

Mainframe and midrange migration

Modernise with ease and without abandoning the applications you rely on by running your midrange and mainframe applications on Azure.


Bring Azure intelligence, security and reliability to SAP with a simplified migration path.

Development testing

Improve software quality and reduce costs by moving dev/test to Azure. Quickly deploy and manage hundreds of VMs for development and testing.

Storage migration

Migrate terabytes to petabytes of file and object data to Azure with ease to support lift-and-shift and modernisation efforts.

Spend less and gain more 

Spend less money and time managing your datacenter and grow your business by spending more time focusing on higher impact work. Manage your cash flow better and respond to business changes faster by adopting a cloud operational expenses (OPEX) model. 

  • UP TO 5X

AWS is 5 times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server

  • SAVE UP TO 54%

Versus on-premises and up to 30% versus AWS by migrating ASP.NET apps to Azure

  • SAVE UP TO 80%

On Windows Server with Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances


More energy efficient than traditional enterprise datacentres

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