Social Impact and Broader Outcomes

To improve our understanding of how Ricoh can make progress in Broader Outcomes and create a positive social impact through our business, we enlisted the assistance of Wellington based impact agency, Ākina. With their guidance we have reviewed our new procurement strategy, supply chain, recruitment policies and partnerships.

Our Social Impact initiatives are broken into three sections:

  • Supporting Local & Regional Economies

We aim to demonstrate how our Dealer Network, Social Procurement Strategy and strategic partnerships will support regional economies whilst continuing to create employment opportunities for Māori, Pasifika, Women, Disabled & Youth.

  • Skills & Workforce Development

People are our greatest asset, and Ricoh provides our employees with many training and personal development opportunities so they can progress their careers. This is available to every employee at Ricoh. Coupled with our commitment to increasing our Māori & Pasifika workforce, we will improve outcomes for the targeted Priority Groups.

  • Increasing Employment Opportunities

Ricoh invests in our customers, employees, and community. We also invest in local/regional economies. This investment stimulates business and creates job opportunities for the people of that community.

Akina Logo

“Te Akatea Maori Principals Association has enjoyed a long and ongoing special relationship with Ricoh.  Ricoh has absolutely contributed to the positive outcomes for our students and students across our membership schools.  Their continued support of Te Akatea as an organisation make it easy for our membership to engage with them and experience the same high trusting and quality relationships as I have.”


Te Akatea

Secure Score Process“If you don’t measure it, you cannot improve it” is a mantra Ricoh lives by. Broader Outcomes is very new to our organisation, and we are still working through the development of a framework which will deliver on our shared objectives, as well as provide a mechanism in which we can measure and report these outcomes.

Partnerships with organisations like Ākina and Amotai are so important for this. With their guidance and support, moving forward we’ll be able to provide metrics on our collective successes.

Supporting Local & Regional Economies

Exclusive Dealer Network

To deliver our products, services, and support nationwide, Ricoh utilise a network of exclusive dealer agents. These Dealers are locally owned and operated, contributing to regional economies, and creating employment opportunities.

Each year Ricoh injects $35M into these regional economies via our Dealer Network which improves the performance of local businesses and creates positive financial outcomes for the region.

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Skills & Workforce Development

Staff Growth and Development

Ricoh provides all staff the opportunity for personal and professional development through our Study & Membership Program. Ricoh will contribute to the costs of attaining higher education, plus provide paid time off for study for exams.



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Increasing Employment Opportunities

Inclusive Workplace & Culture

Since 2019 Ricoh has paid all employees a living wage. As a result, we’ve seen higher staff retention rates, greater role satisfaction and an increase in internal promotions driven by a higher level of staff loyalty. This has meant that we are constantly looking for talented individuals in our entry level roles.

Promotions also equal additional training for our staff, and they are provided the training required to take on the additional responsibilities that the promotion brings, from management training, financial training to systems training. We ensure that newly appointed managers are provided everything they need to be successful in their new roles.

Part of our commitment under the new AoG contract will be to further understand how this affects our employees beyond their roles within Ricoh i.e. Home Ownership rates etc.

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The Ricoh Difference

We believe our main difference lies in the totality of our offering. No other organisation in our industry has the experience or partnerships which Ricoh can leverage to achieve our shared desired outcomes.

We are the only Amotai accredited buyer in our industry with access to their network of Māori & Pasifika businesses. With Amotai’s assistance we will identify procurement opportunities, target Māori & Pasifika organisations to increase our overall spend; therefore, contributing to the Governments target of 5% procurement spend with Māori and Pasifika Organisations.

We are also the only organisation in our industry to engage with Ākina, who have grown our understanding of Broader Outcomes, assisted in establishing our future goals and metrics associated with them.

Ricoh enjoys giving back and understands how important philanthropy is. We have partnered with several sports organisations throughout New Zealand to provide access to sports in communities where this isn’t always available.

We also support a long list of charitable organisations. These include (but are not limited to):

We supply gifts for underprivileged children at Christmas time

We supply funds so they can return the eyesight of people in the pacific who have avoidable blindness

Our cycling team raises tens of thousands of dollars each year to assist with freeing people from human trafficking

  • Te Akatea

    We supply funds which directly impacts the educational outcomes of the students; the vast majority of whom are of Māori and Pasifika backgrounds.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

    Ricoh has raised over $50,000 to support this organisation as well as provide time for members of our team to mentor children from this program.

Ultimately, Ricoh is committed to contributing to a more sustainable society and has been participating in aspects of it for years. We know that there is a long way to go but are committed to continually building on the foundations we’ve laid.

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