What is CorEST?

Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution

Ricoh CorEST by CorePlan is a software solution that helps businesses measure, reduce, and report their greenhouse gas emissions.

It is powered by IBM® Planning Analytics, a cloud-based platform that enables fast and flexible planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis.


How can CorEST help you?


Collect and consolidate data from multiple sources, such as energy bills, travel expenses, waste management, and supply chain.


Calculate your carbon footprint in line with common methodologies and standards such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064, as well as mandated programmes, such as the Carbon Neutral Government Programme and the Carbon Disclosure Project.


Identify and prioritise emission reduction opportunities, such as switching to renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste.




Create and track your emission reduction targets and action plans, and monitor your progress and performance.


Generate and share comprehensive and accurate reports and dashboards, such as carbon footprint reports, emission intensity reports, and emission reduction scenarios.


Identify and prioritise emission reduction opportunities, such as switching to renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste.


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Why choose Ricoh-CorEST?

CorEST is more than just a carbon accounting tool. It is a strategic solution that helps you:

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Align your business operations with your climate reduction commitments to see their impact on each other.



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Demonstrate your commitment in addressing climate change to not only enhance your reputation but also meet your clients’ expectations and maintain your social license.
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Optimise your energy consumption and lower compliance costs through automation of data capture.
Ricoh-IBM’s CorEST solution  
Generate and share customised reports and dashboards with your stakeholders.
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Comply with the regulatory requirements and voluntary standards for carbon reporting and disclosure.

How to get started?

CorEST is easy to implement and use. You can get started in three simple steps:


Contact our team to request a free demo of CorEST.


Upload your data to the secure and powerful cloud-based platform with the help of our team’s expertise and start measuring your carbon footprint.

Explore the features and functions of the platform and discover how it can be tailored to your specific needs, helping you achieve your climate action goals effectively.

Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution

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