CorEST: A leading tool for NZ businesses for Climate Action Planning and Reporting

June 11, 2024
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Climate change is one of the most urgent and complex challenges facing humanity today. It poses a serious threat to the environment, the economy, and the society at large. Businesses have a crucial role to play in addressing this challenge, not only by reducing their own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but also by influencing their customers, suppliers, investors, and regulators to adopt more sustainable practices.

However, measuring, reporting, and reducing GHG emissions can be a daunting task for many businesses. They may lack the data, tools, or expertise to track their carbon footprint across their operations, supply chain, and products. They may also face difficulties in setting science-based targets, implementing reduction strategies, and communicating their progress and impact to their stakeholders.

That's why Ricoh, IBM, and CorPlan have partnered to create a special solution through CorEST, a cloud-based platform that helps businesses to measure, manage, and reduce their GHG emissions in alignment with the best practices and standards in the industry. CorEST leverages the power of IBM Planning Analytics platform to provide businesses with a comprehensive and reliable platform for climate action.

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Some of the key features and benefits of CorEST are: 

Data collection and integration: CorEST automates the collection and integration of emission data from various sources, such as energy bills, invoices, sensors, smart meters, and external databases. It also applies data quality checks and validation rules to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the data.
Emission calculation and reporting: CCorEST calculates the GHG emissions of a business according to the GHG Protocol, the most widely used international GHG emissions standard. As well as calculating and structures emissions in-line with the ISO 14064 standard. It also generates reports and dashboards that comply with the disclosure requirements of the Carbon Neutral Government Program (CNGP) and the Carbon Related Disclosures (CRD), New Zealand’s two mandated emissions disclosure standards.
Emission reduction and optimisation: CorEST helps businesses to identify and prioritise the most effective and feasible emission reduction initiatives across their operations, supply chain, and products. It also provides features to track the impacts on these initiatives on emissions and finances, such as switching to renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, optimising logistics, reducing waste, and enhancing product design.
Emission verification and certification: CorEST leverages the IBM Planning Analytics platform features to create a secure and transparent ledger of emission data and actions. This enables businesses to audit and verify their emission reductions and offsets, and to share them with their stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, investors, and regulators.




With CorEST, emissions accounting is more than just meeting your compliance obligations, it allows you to take proactive and effective steps in climate action and contribute to a low-carbon future. Simplify external programme disclosures with templates for common reports and extracts, populated with real-time mission actuals and current reduction plans. Drill through to source document for auditing.


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Identify and prioritise emission reduction opportunities, such as switching to renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste.

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