Work together, Work anywhere

Your productivity, employee engagement and company outputs should not change as a result of staff being located in diverse locations and with a variety of devices.

Businesses need continuity of delivery through intelligent collaboration, even at times of disruption. We will help you automate mission critical business processes and empower your digital transformation efforts with remote infrastructure, cloud solutions and user collaboration tools.

If you require assistance with an end-to-end remote solution that is user-friendly, secure and can scale to meet your needs, then we can help.

No matter you business size, your current IT infrastructure or your business requirements, we can quickly and securely have your teams working remotely and effectively.

How can we help?

Remote process automation solutions

  • Keep critical business services running during times of disruption
  • Automate processes while enabling teams to work remotely
  • Reduce manual processes and free employee time for value-add work
  • Reliable and easy user-friendly solutions to enhance your business

Digital Transformation

Remote workplace solutions

  • On-board quickly to minimise disruption
  • Enable entire teams to work remotely and effectively
  • Remote working without compromising security
  • Boost employee engagement with user-friendly tools
  • Free up your IT teams in times of disruption

Connect and Collaborate

Remote infrastructure and cloud

  • Kick start digital transformation using the power of the cloud
  • Migrate systems quickly and securely
  • Scales to suit your business now and in the future
  • Keep vital systems running using the power of the cloud

IT Services

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Secure and Simple Collaboration

See how we helped RightWay navigate the change to effective remote working.

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Ricoh, your invisible technology partner

As a global provider of cloud and managed IT services, Ricoh can transform the way you work. By partnering with us, your organisation can achieve invisible technology. Leave your mark on your company, your industry and on an entire world of possibility for your customers. Be visible with Ricoh and Microsoft.

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We are where you are

Our New Zealand based support team will ensure that your services are monitored and working to keep your business performing.

We can provide expert remote support as well as accredited, on-site engineers for the highest level of support.