Accounts Payable Automation

Increase productivity and eliminate errors

How long does it take your accounts payable team to process an average supplier invoice? What does that add up to in a week? A month? A year?

Want to get those minutes back? Using MediusFlow, most businesses have cut the time it takes to process an invoice to just 7 days, with some needing as few as 2.

Automating your AP invoice processing with MediusFlow eliminates laborious searching, investigation and review processes, freeing up time that your staff can focus elsewhere.

The Benefits of MediusFlow with Ricoh

  • Cloud Based Software
    Easy Integration, Increased availability, Automatic Software Upgrades
  • Touchless Processing
    Average of +70% automation, Eliminate manual, paper-based work, Fast, accurate processes
  • True AP Intelligence
    Central data-hub for your business, More accurate financial reporting, Advanced invoice matching engine
  • Invoice Data Capture
    Any invoice uniformly digitised, Efficient and accurate data collection, Original invoices held in archive

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