OneDrive with Microsoft 365

Pick up from where you left off. 

OneDrive helps you automatically sync your folders – Desktop, Documents, Pictures on your Windows PC to your OneDrive cloud storage. Store your files and folders safely and access them from across devices.

Mobile App is available on iOS and Android.

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Cloud backed up data

Easy backup 

Effortlessly backup all your files to the cloud. OneDrive automatically syncs all your data stored in folders. 

Access anywhere 

Access your files and folders at your fingertips with OneDrive mobile app. You don’t need to have your PC on you all the time when you can access your files online.

Easy Data Access
Data Backup and Recovery

Version history

Undo and restore changes made to any of your OneDrive files within one month of the change with ease.

Detect ransomware

Protect your files from a ransomware attack with OneDrive. Detect ransomware attacks and restore your files up to 30 days after the post-attack.

Lock Protecting Data
Woman Storing Data

Get storage

Get 1TB of OneDrive storage when you upgrade to Microsoft 365 subscription.