Agile Workspaces

Are you ready for the return of the Hybrid Workforce?

Today’s workplace demands require a new approach to organizing and right-sizing your real estate, whether you need to bring everyone back or implement a hybrid program. Even though we need to look at your space differently, our goal for you is efficiency gains, productivity, and cost savings.

Our workplace management systems assess your business processes and work environment to deliver analytics we can use to adapt and develop new usage patterns.

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Visitor Management

Get proactive about building security and safety with our visitor sign in, tracking and reporting. Help guests find their way quickly and effectively.

Visitor Management

Desk Booking and workspace management

Meeting rooms and space booking software helps to maximise space utilisation, reduce administration time and introduce smarter booking processes into the workplace.

Desk Booking Solutions

Smart Meeting Spaces

Smart booking systems and one-touch starts make meetings faster to organise and run. Combined with the collaboration tools your teams can work together effectively wherever they are.

Smart Meeting Spaces

Empower and analyse with insightful data

Our partnership with GoBright provides an end-to-end solution for the management of people and spaces. Easy-to-use, integrated applications and hardware not only make life easy for your staff and visitors but also provides detailed analytics of usage so you can plan your spaces.

What will your future workspaces look like?

With the changing face of working from office based to hybrid and beyond do you have a roadmap to make the most of your spaces and their utilisation?

Have a chat with one of our team to talk through the options on effective workspace managment.

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Our tailored approach

Your business is complex, but workplace collaboration shouldn’t be. Ricoh smart meetings and workspaces facilitate the right physical and virtual environments for teams to get things done.

From planning to deploying and maintaining, we’re your partner in creating a world-class collaboration environment.

Prioritise space utilisation

Offices are the second largest cost to businesses after staff. And yet, most meeting rooms are empty 50% of the time.

Our people-first approach to digital transformation focuses on understanding, in detail, how your workplace is used. We work with our clients to gather data on how the workplace functions and use this data to make smarter, better-informed decisions.

Equipped with qualitative and quantitative insights, we design and implement physical and digital solutions that facilitate modern and agile ways of working.

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