Agile Workspaces

More and more organisations are offering employees and their guests a variety of solutions so they can work together, anywhere, welcoming the flexible and productive environment an agile workspace can provide.

Employees are coming to the office to collaborate on meaningful projects and traditionally have been met with unnecessary challenges that can disrupt productivity. Lengthy searches for a meeting room or workspace, interruptions while working or during meetings, unknown whereabouts of fellow collaborators and new guests to the building unsure where to go.

Today employees want to organise a meeting easily, reserve a room or workplace directly, send invitations to all participants quickly and arrange catering and other services independently. They prefer an optimal availability of flexible workplaces and dislike claiming desks by colleagues. Their guests don’t have to wait too long at the reception and must be at their destination as quickly as possible.

Using Ricoh Agile Workspaces we partner with the best global providers to meet those ever changing needs, so your employees have control of what they need, when they need it, and you’ll have complete data visibility to manage and tweak, to optimise use of your workspaces to reduce costs and energy use.

Room Booking

Check the availability of a room in the blink of an eye

Book a room within seconds in-person, online or via the app

Manage booking analytics to monitor usage

Software integration for Room Booking with Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google, Active Directory and various FMIS-systems

Additional options include catering and technical services. visualisation and wayfinding to your designated workspace or meeting room

Digital Visitor Registration

A modern self-registration check-in system

Visitor can pre-register and only needs to scan a QR to check-in

Staff automatically alerted via txt when visitor has checked-in

Send pre-registrations via easy to use Outlook plugin

Integration with Active-Directory for a reduction in data entry

Desk booking and status indicator

See which desks are available and which are occupied in the blink of an eye, or which colleagues do not want to be disturbed

Login with your personal NFC-card or smartphone

The desk immediately adjusts to your personal sitting or standing height

Green (Available), Red (In Use), Blue (Please Do Not Disturb), it does not get easier

GoBright Desk Glow is a trendy designed light with attachment possibilities for partitions and walls

The smart app ensures that you can book a workspace anytime and anywhere

Workspace mapping

GoBright Mapping visualises the office floors of the building

It is an interactive map with an overview of all available, booked, and occupied workplaces and rooms

Mapping also gives you the possibility to make a direct booking or to find out at which desk the colleague you need is working

This can be set-up to guide your visitors to the meeting room using your in-house digital signage and workplace meeting room screens.

Desk detection

No more unoccupied booked desks

GoBright Desk Detection is making the software even more intelligent

A smart sensor detects the presence of an employee

If it does not detect anyone within a determined period, the booking will be cancelled


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