Enhanced Employee Experience


Your employees are your most valuable asset and deserve a seamless hybrid work experience. RICOH Spaces is much more than just a desk and a meeting room tool. We create solutions to help resolve business problems, enhancing the employee workplace experience, and allowing you to redesign your workspace for full utilisation and increased productivity.

Grow your workplace’s potential over time with a scalable platform. RICOH Spaces – bringing the workplace of tomorrow to you today.

Enable Seamless Hybrid
Work with RICOH Spaces

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Any place, any device

Enable effective hybrid working at any place and any device via browser, desktop application, and mobile application—making the employee experience seamless.

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People, places, and technology

Create the best working environment with the right balance of people, places, and technology, making it easier to retain existing employees while attracting new talent.

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User-first design

A cross-platform application with a user-first design, empowering employees to manage spaces and removing the headaches of day-to-day work activities.

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Standardise ways of working

Offer employees a seamless experience in all workplaces across multiple locations. RICOH Spaces makes space management easy and manageable to align, compare, and standardise.



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Redesign Your Workspace for Full Utilisation and Increased Productivity


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Redesigning workspaces

Redesign and adapt the workspace to your employees’ ways of working by making it an attractive destination for them to collaborate, communicate, and create, today and tomorrow.

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Maximising productivity

RICOH Spaces uses loT technology to provide trend data, delivering real-time visibility metrics for cost-saving decisions on space utilisation and employee capacity.

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Dissolving everyday issues

RICOH Spaces dissolves everyday issues connected to work, finding a space to collaborate with the team, and enabling employees to focus on key activities where they feel truly productive.

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Grow Your Workplace’s Potential Over Time with a Scalable Platform

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All-in-one platform

RICOH Spaces brings workplace management into one platform, integrating activities such as desk booking, meeting room management, wayfinding, and more.

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Seamless integration

The platform integrates directly with Office 365 Calendar or Google, utilising existing AD, while making room for future opportunities.


Full scalability

A fully scalable platform, evolving with the way your workforce teams up, socialises, and collaborates today, while enabling opportunities to optimise ways of working tomorrow.

Manage Your Organisation at Scale

RICOH Spaces allows organisations to manage all buildings in their portfolio in one place, streamlining and enhancing management with:

  • Local user admin roles that can be applied per location, allowing for fine-tuned access control and large-scale management

  • Policies that can be applied per location, allowing for flexible implementation

  • Rapid responses to the needs of your business by scaling your solutions as your business grows, taking on a cost-effective and flexible journey

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Scalable on Demand


Optimise the space in your work environment


Design your existing or new workspace with ease


Invest in the latest loT sensor technology to gain detailed insights


Flexible interactive floor plans that can be adjusted to your workplace size


No limit on the number of employees


Scale as your business grows