Secure and Simple Collaboration


Products and Services

  • Microsoft M365 suite

Key Benefits

  • Simplified Communications
  • Easy file sharing
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Efficient Task Management

What I'm most proud of is the ease with which we implemented Microsoft 365 to date. It pretty much went without a hitch

Callum Mitchell, ICT Specialist


RightWay provides accounting and business advice to organisations across New Zealand, helping them to grow, plan and design their business for better.


RightWay use a number of tools and processes for both customer-focused and internal workflows and require a solution that provides improved consolidation and security for all areas of the business. They have a number of locations and remote workers across the country who we encumbered by a disconnected suite of programs used for collaboration.


As a Gold Partner of Microsoft, we are able to provide RightWay with Microsoft 365 as a comprehensive and secure solution for their diverse range of needs. This implementation includes:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Planner


Team work in the modern workplace

Read our article ‘3 Reasons Microsoft 365 is Key to Streamlined Collaboration’ to find out more.


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Efficiency—By using Microsoft Teams, RightWay employees are able to work collaboratively with ease; co-authoring documents, sharing files and ensuring consistent version control across all departments.

Security—By consolidating workflows, RightWay can ensure a better level of data security and a more stable work environment through Ricoh’s IT services.

Simplification—Using Microsoft 365 simplifies RightWay’s work processes, ensuring that everyone across the business is using the same programmes, all within one consistent package.


Why Ricoh?

We are a trusted partner and had been delivering IT to RightWay since 2017. Our ability to put together a succinct roadmap for the delivery of the project and the ongoing support gave them confidence that we could deliver this large scale transition.

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