Scaling with Ricoh Smart Technology

Crackerjack (The Clearance Shed)

Ricoh showed belief in The Clearance Shed and our vision. They were able to cater to our short-term needs but, more importantly, they showed that they understood where we are going.



The Clearance Shed, founded in 2009, is a no-frills retailer with stores across the North Island, offering a range of unique products.

The Challenge

The company was going through a period of extended growth and their previous technology supplier was struggling to keep pace with their growing needs. A reliable and innovative technology partner was required.

The Solution

Ricoh helped to standardise The Clearance Shed’s technology across all stores, as well as manage relationships with other vendors, leading to the following benefits:

  • Easier to manage new site setup
  • Streamlined support for all systems
  • Stabilised existing systems
  • Improved network resiliency

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