Bringing innovation in-house

by Andri Selamat 15 Sep 2022

Whangaparaoa College

Technology has completely transformed the way we do things and it will continue to do so. We really aim to embrace that change


Whangaparaoa College is a state co-educational secondary school located on the Hibiscus Coast. The school offers a curriculum that involves intensive use of modern technologies.


Whangaparaoa College needed the curriculum to keep pace with evolving technologies, to ensure that the learning experience remained relevant and cohesive for students.


Ricoh provided Whangaparaoa College with a range of hardware solutions, designed to help them embrace technological changes in education. This included:

  • Direct-to-Garment Printers
  • MakerBot 3D Printers
  • Wide-Format Printers


Student investment—By using a range of technologies as learning tools, students become more deeply engaged and connected with their projects.

In-house printing—Unlike many other schools, Whangaparaoa College now has the capacity for on-premises, A1, wide-format printing; allowing students to experience the start-to-finish process of their work.

Preparation for Success—Partnering with Ricoh places Whangaparaoa College in a position of strength, allowing them to adapt to any new technological learning trends and support teachers as their roles change.

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