Digital Onboarding

Transform your onboarding processes for customers, staff or students into a quick, friendly and positive first experience that will leave them feeling engaged with your organisation.

Make your onboarding both more efficient and more engaging

Digital onboarding provides benefit to both you and the end-user.

They will receive a great first experience with your organisation – the ability to engage with you anytime and anywhere, without having to use paper or visit the branch for in-person ID verification.

Digitising and automating the process also gives you the advantages of quickly capturing and validating their information and offer solutions best suited to their needs, reducing man hours and increasing engagement.

    Provide a convenient anytime, anywhere, any device engagement for your new and existing customers
    Protect users, devices, and transactions with robust security solutions that secure every step of the digital journey
    Ensure compliance with KYC, AML, privacy, and data protection requirements with ID Verification
    Capture a detailed audit log of the onboarding process to demonstrate compliance and deflect legal disputes
    Lower the cost of acquiring new customers by replacing paper-based forms and wet signatures with a fully digital process
    Add the onboarding components to your online and mobile applications via our SDKs

Easily program and update your process

Your processes remain under your control. Each step can be easily updated, changed and improved to build in the right responses to the interactions from your user.

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