An all-encompassed solution to
all your ESG data problems!

Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution

Overcome the problems of data collection, analysis, and reporting using this cloud-centric ESG solution tailored to seamlessly fit your business requirements.

Effortlessly gather, manage, analyse, and report your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data through Ricoh-IBM's Envizi SaaS offering. 


  • Establish a fundamental data framework: Establish a cohesive record-keeping system that offers dependable ESG data and precise calculations of greenhouse gas emissions, eligible for audit.
  • Enhance efficiency in reporting and transparency: Use versatile reporting tools to meet requirements from both within the organization and externally, ensuring comprehensive ESG reporting and clear transparency in disclosures.
  • Speed up the reduction of carbon emissions: Harness analytical capabilities to identify potential avenues for attaining carbon reduction goals and to closely monitor advancements in accordance with established objectives.
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Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution

Empowering enhanced sustainability performance based on a robust data management framework meticulously designed to establish a singular and dependable data repository, catering to all your ESG reporting needs and potential prospect identification.


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Key features

Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution comes with precise features to help you manage, control and report your ESG data better.


Automated data acquisition: Gathering data seamlessly from ERP and financial systems, property management databases, supplier data files, and other organisational platforms.


Integration with operational systems: Seamlessly integrates into business systems such as ERP and building management systems, ensuring an encompassing perspective on sustainability performance and prospects.


Standardisation and alignment of data: Diverse metrics and costs, as well as consumption data, transformed into comparable formats across currencies and timeframes.


Organised data arrangement and hierarchy control: Employing advanced data tagging for effortless retrieval, extraction, analysis, and reporting across various ESG frameworks, all from a singular data source.


Data validation and health assessments: Tracing all data back to original source files, maintaining an audit trail of modifications, and visually representing data quality through HealthCheck dashboards.


Key benefits

Reap the benefits of an all-rounded solution to all your ESG data consolidation and reporting problems.

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Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution  
Comprehensive: Integrate data to simplify ESG reporting and pinpoint opportunities for enhanced efficiency.



Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution  
Streamlined: 700+ sustainability and energy data types from various sources such as energy providers, sensors, and more.
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Efficient: Save time by gathering data only once, enabling automated data collection and calculations for multiple reporting instances.
Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution  
Audit easy: report with assurance, as your ESG data is securely documented within a singular record-keeping system that includes audit trails.
Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution  
Breaking silos: involve all stakeholders through user-friendly tools that provide visual representations and customisable dashboards.

Why Ricoh?

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How we help businesses on their journey

Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution

1. Build
Data Foundation

A single system of record that delivers auditable, financial-grade sustainability data

Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution

2. Streamline
Reporting + Disclosure

GHG calculation and flexible reporting tools to meet internal and external requirements

Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution

3. Accelerate

Unlock insights to inform the fastest and most cost-effective pathway to low carbon goals

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We work with our customers to understand their business objectives and barriers.

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We manage and support the deployed solutions and tech environment proactively.

Ricoh-IBM’s Envizi SaaS solution

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