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Post Lockdown Tips for Printer Users

During lockdown many New Zealand offices have been closed. Printers and MFP’s have been shut down, either according to procedure or just by cutting the power to the devices.

Almost all of our modern devices should not encounter many issues restarting when you return to the office. Copy quality might not be as expected the first set of prints but will shortly return to normal.

Below are some things to check and some FAQs to make sure you get to normal as quickly as possible. If you still experience issues after trying these please contact our service department as usual to get them resolved.

  • Moist/Damp paper:

    To avoid issues, remove and discard all paper left in the Devices, place fresh paper from correctly stored unopened packs.

  • Avoid Condensation

    When heating/climate controls were turned off for longer periods in offices, make sure Ricoh devices are properly acclimatised before turning the power on.

  • Toner

    Don’t advise to shake toners unless they are completely packed with transportation caps!

Further FAQs

Probably not – Allow the machine to warm up, print approx. 1000 sheets of a non-critical job then calibrate as normal and check output.

If the equipment was shutdown using the correct procedure (Not simply unplugged without power down) the problems should be minimal.

Check the paper path for any debris and carefully vacuum or brush off any loose dirt. Be careful not to dislodge any sensors or guides.

The equipment needs to acclimatise to the new temperature, allow at least 4 hours at the new temperature before the machine is used to prevent condensation.

Allow the printer time to warm up before printing – Use fresh paper from an unopened packet.

Allow the printer time to warm up before printing – the inside of the machine needs to be as warm as the outside.

Perform developer refresh in advanced operator settings or do colour calibration and colour registration in maintenance.

Check if the machine was properly acclimatised, then let the machine print a couple of 100 sheet with high coverage of each colour (full page photo graph, brochures, presentation with graphs).