Connectwise Sell How - To

ConnectWise Sell is an online, cloud-based quoting tool to streamline your quoting and proposal process for procurement, making it a quick and easy experience.

  • Order products through an online portal
  • Review and approve proposals online – saving you the time taken to print, scan and physically sign documents.
  • Where enabled, directly change the quantity of items in the proposal to automatically update our system in case your requirements have changed since our last interaction.
  • Share your queries, comments and feedback with us directly via the Web Portal.
  • Stay informed about every step in your procurement journey via email notifications.

Further FAQs

ConnectWise Sell is an online tool to streamline the quoting and proposal process, making your procurement journey easy and hassle-free.

The Order Porter on ConnectWise Sell streamlines the quote delivery process by displaying quotes at a web address enabling you to digitally receive and sign quotes.

If enabled, you will be able to make changes to your quote by selecting options to suit your requirements. Please note, the changes you make to the PDF quote will not reflect until you approve the order. Once done, you will receive the revised quote with updated details via email.

Your quote may contain radio buttons allowing you to add additional products/services (as displayed in the image below).

Yes, you can print a copy of the PDF quote which is attached to your Order Porter page.

Once you scroll down to the bottom of your quote, you will see a section called ‘Approval’. Check the box to accept the conditions, enter your initials, email, address, and purchase order number (if you have one), then sign below. Once all is done, hit the ‘Accept Order’ button.

The Order Porter automatically notifies the sales representative when a quote is approved so they can carry on with the next steps in your procurement order.

ou can submit your questions or comments directly via the Order Porter page on the right-hand side section called ‘Comments or questions’ and a friendly Ricoh team member will respond to your query.

If you have been sent a reorder quote you can submit a request to reorder products and services from the Order Porter ‘reorder template’. The link provided is reusable as many times as required.

Yes, you will find an embedded video on the right hand-side in the Order Porter. Click to watch the video. Alternatively, you can watch this video to learn more.

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