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Smart Sell: How to Supercharge Your Sales Team with Technology

Sales Lady smiling in front of whiteboard
A woman smiling in front of a whiteboard

A one-of-a-kind event for sales leaders and revenue managers who want to learn how to leverage AI, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and OneSpan to optimise sales processes and drive revenue.

If you missed the live event or want to watch it again, you can access the video recording here:


  • An exclusive event to discover a revolution in your sales operations by harnessing the power of technology to supercharge your sales team.
  • Navigate the sales journey from uncovering opportunities to smoothly managing the deal process, all the way to closing the deal.
  • Learn how the right technology toolset can increase cadence, reduce admin and improve governance.
  • Delve into the transformative potential of AI using Microsoft Copilot, the potential use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target the right people and the usage of OneSpan’s online document signing tool to explore how your teams can maximise productivity to drive revenue.


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