Myth Busters – Tackling misconceptions about process automation

July 20, 2023
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Welcome to our Myth Buster Series! We are here to debunk misconceptions about automation and highlight its potential for businesses of all sizes. Contrary to the myth that automation is expensive, small businesses can easily cover the cost with the expenses they already incur. Automating tasks like data entry and contract handling frees up time for value-added activities, leading to improved productivity, customer service, and cost savings. Moreover, automation is an ongoing process that requires monitoring and updates to keep up with evolving business needs.

Another myth we will tackle is the fear that automation will make jobs redundant. Automation empowers employees to focus on critical areas and take on more complex responsibilities, boosting productivity and profitability. It does not necessarily eliminate job roles but creates new opportunities for growth. It is worth noting that automation is based on programmed logic and requires human expertise for updates and issue resolution. 

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PwC’s 26th Annual CEO Survey revealed 84% of New Zealand business leaders are investing in automating processes and systems over the next year.  


Let us debunk the myths together and unlock the full power of automation for your business.


Click on one of the episode links below to start watching our myth busting videos:

Watch Peri Siatras, our Digital Automation Specialist, as we explore the truth about automation, including its limitations, the distinction from AI (Artificial Intelligence), and its benefits for departments beyond IT (Information Technology).


Myth 1: Automation is expensive

PwC’s 26th Annual CEO Survey revealed 84% of New Zealand business leaders are investing in automating processes and systems over the next year. This demonstrates how automation has become an important part of modern business operations.

However, several myths remain associated with automation, holding businesses back from making the shift. Is your business ready for automation or have you fallen prey to the myths?

Find out more as we debunk myths around automation in our brand-new Myth Buster Series. Watch this premiere episode featuring our Digital Automation Specialist, Peri Siatras, where he talks about the most common myth of all times – automation is expensive!

Myth 2: Automation is one-time setup 

Many people believe that automation is a one-time setup. Once you automate a process, you're done, right? Is it as simple as that or is there more to automation that we are missing? Keen to find out what’s true and what’s not?

Watch Episode 2 of our Myth Buster Series as our Digital Automation Specialist, Peri Siatras gets into the nuts and bolts of implementing a process automation software for your business and what it takes to stay relevant.

Myth 3: Automation will make jobs redundant 

Automation has sparked concerns about the future of jobs. Many people worry that human workers will soon be replaced by machines. Want to know the reality?

Watch Episode 3 of our Myth Buster Series featuring our Digital Automation Specialist, Peri Siatras to learn more about what automation can and can’t do.

Myth 4: Automation is the solution to all problems

Is automation an all-in-one solution to all your problems? Is automation the ultimate game-changer for your business? Can this product perform all tasks so your team can sit back and relax?

Find out in Episode 4 of our Myth Buster Series featuring our Digital Automation Specialist, Peri Siatras, and learn more about the functions that can make the most out of automation.

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Peri Siatras

If you would like to learn more about automation, chat with Peri Siatras, our Digital Automation Specialist, and learn how automation can help grow your business.

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Myth 5: Automation is for IT Departments only

Ever wondered what departments could benefit from automation? Is it just the IT team? Can HR, Marketing, or Customer Service teams automate processes?

Find out and be surprised! The final Episode 5 of our Myth Buster Series featuring our Digital Automation Specialist, Peri Siatras is live.

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