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    RICOH Clickable Paper™

    Connect print and digital with intelligent image recognition software

    RICOH Clickable Paper™ is an interactive print solution that bridges the traditional offline-online gap. It connects print and digital with cloud-based intelligent image recognition software. 

    Marketers can create multiple hotspots on a page, sign, poster, vehicle wrap, and other printed materials. Each hotspot links to one or multiple sources, instantly taking readers from two-dimensional printed content to online, multi-channel content. 

    The iOS and Android mobile apps are free to download and easy to use.

    Keep printed pages free of barcodes

    Unlike QR codes, which require visible, unsightly marks on printed materials, RICOH Clickable Paper™ uses image recognition software to create invisible hotspots—leaving the printed page unchanged—and it allows you to assign multiple links to each hotspot.

    Without marking, editing, or reformatting the printed source materials, you can connect consumers to different digital experiences and interactive marketing resources.

    A low-risk, growth strategy, RICOH Clickable Paper™ builds on your printing expertise and gives you a simple way to deliver more value to your clients or lines of business.


    1. Seamless experience 
      Take your audiences on instant journeys from the printed page to photos, videos, websites, maps, and more, using a clean, markless method
    2. Engaging content 
      Connect audiences to your offers in new and immersive ways
    3. Track and improve 
      Transform printed media with trackable data analytics that allow you to monitor click-throughs and results for ongoing campaign improvement
    4. Increase ad revenue 
      Give advertisers a good reason to keep buying print ads instead of online ads