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    ColorGATE Productionserver

    Precise colour control for consistent print production

    Look no further if you’re in the market for a solution to make your everyday production work easier.

    Available in a commercial version for large-format printing and graphic arts, as well as textile versions for garment printing, there is a suitable ColorGATE Productionserver solution for you—no matter which segment you’re in.

    And with exclusive features for their respective markets, you can be assured of having all the right RIP and colour management tools at your disposal.

    A modular dream

    You can configure ColorGATE Productionserver according to your requirements. Do you want to profile? Do you need rights management? There are suitable modules and package bundles that allow you to tailor the solution according to your specific needs.

    1. Professional
      Professional colour management that makes everyday production work easier
    2. Accurate colours
      Precise colour reproduction according to recognised standards such as ISO, Fogra, G7 and more
    3. Streamlined printing
      Synchronise different output systems for optimised printing
    4. Get the right fit
      Modular approach allows you to only pay for what you really need