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EFI Fiery JobFlow

Reduce manual tasks and automate your prepress workflow

Power through your jobs with a simple way to prepare files for printing. EFI Fiery JobFlow saves time and money by streamlining your production room.

  • Speed through workflows in minutes, not hours
  • Automate most common job types
  • Save time and build approvals directly into your workflow
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and shorten turnaround times

Save time with prepress

Create automated workflows and process jobs with just a click. EFI Fiery JobFlow provides staff with a consistent, easy way to process files for printing that saves time. Approvals are built in to workflows to reduce the time waiting for the green light. Keep an eye on everything, even when you’re away from the floor, and find out about any issues straight away.

  1. Redeploy print room staff
    Automate common jobs and train staff for new service offerings
  2. Create your own workflows
    Ready-to-print files are automatically prepared within minutes
  3. Automate more tasks
    Submit jobs, enhance images and produce impositions
  4. Integrate with other solutions
    Add third party solutions to extend capabilities