Products and Solutions

Ricoh empowers digital workplaces by utilising innovative technologies and solutions to make our customers’ businesses work faster, smarter and leaner, as well as providing service and support that matches the products we deliver.

Office Printers and Photocopiers

Cost effective copying and printing

Whether you’re looking for a single printer for the office or a fleet of managed devices across a number of locations Ricoh can provide you with cost-effective, fully supported solutions.

Digital Transformation

Fast, powerful, automated processes.

Ricoh’s Digital transformation division provides scalable solutions to help you transition from paper-based processes to more cost-effective digital workflows.

We offer expertise to take labour-intensive document management tasks off your hands so that your employees have more time to focus on your core business.

IT Services

IT systems to better drive your business transformation

Are you looking to transform your organisation and modernise your IT infrastructure? Regardless of the size of your business, having a well-established IT infrastructure can help increase productivity, protect you from cyber attacks, and give you a competitive edge by expanding your operational capacity.

Deciding what IT solutions work best for you can seem like a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. Ricoh offers all the solutions you’ll need in one place:

Ricoh will modernise your legacy infrastructure, tools and platforms and drive transformation across your organisation on your own terms. We will become an extension of your IT infrastructure, providing IT support, technology ad enterprise to empower your digital workplace.

Ricoh Graphic Communications

Your vision, business and future.

As we transition through a rapidly changing market we are focused on helping our customers to deliver Graphic Communications – Communication that uses a visually appealing medium, whether in print or electronic.

Our customers are brand owners and printing companies who are looking for innovative solutions for delivering these communications. Brand owners want to expand their business by using various marketing tools to deliver their message to their customers. At the same time, printing companies provide marketing services through digitalisation of printed materials and printing services.

Our business is to support our customers’ innovation in communication and help them achieve graphic greatness

3D Printing

Bringing ideas to life

MakerBot are the established market leader in desktop 3D Printing.  Their award winning 3D printers and scanners offer superior performance, reliability and ease of use. Bundled MakerWare software makes it easy for everyone, from novices to experienced users to be 3D printing and scanning in next to no time.

Connect and Collaborate

Bring your business together

Connect & Collaborate by Ricoh promotes the open flow of information through the use of effective, secure technologies.

Agile organisations require varied collaborative tools and our solutions focus on excellent user experience, providing pervasive, seamless and secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, anytime on any platform.

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