Service Impact: An open letter to our customers

25 Jul 2022
At this time of increasing infection rates of Covid-19, our families, our communities, and our colleagues are being affected, causing disruption to our every day lives. The impact on our customer-facing teams is of concern for us as we continue to do all we can to keep our employees safe, with every on-site visit increasing the risk of infection due to working in close contact on occasion with our customers. Even with a fully vaccinated workforce, we have seen that this is no guarantee of immunity from this virus as we continue to see infection rates that we have not experienced previously.

As such, we expect this to impact on our normal high standard of delivering on-site customer service across the country and so we ask for your patience as we get through the winter period. Ricoh does have the ability to provide remote support for many issues which in the past were not possible to resolve remotely. Using technology, such as Merged Reality (MR), Ricoh has been able to advance remote support capabilities resulting in faster resolution times and improved device uptime.

We want to work with you during this time and support you to reach a resolution in ways that you may not have used before; this may require you to provide some assistance when talking with our Resolution Agents, the team is well versed in using these tools to support you remotely and can provide you with easy-to-follow instructions, often with visual support.

So please be patient, our people are doing their absolute best at this time to support our customers and so I ask you to recognise this and be kind, if you are having difficulties getting through to our Contact Centre, we do have digital channels available for you to use and we have dedicated people responding to these channels. If you haven’t yet used this option, you can contact us at, and view our full support offering here.

Ngā mihi

Darren Elmore

Service Operations Manager