COVID-19 Update

17 Mar 2020

An update on operational readiness, staff management and travel

Updated: March 26th 2020

The information provided herein is correct at the time of publishing and is under constant review with the capacity to change dependant on the level of impact on our people, our communities and our supply chains to provide a level of service for our customers.

Our first concern is the safety of both our people and our customers and you can be assured that we will endeavour to support your needs to the best of our abilities at this time and never unwillingly promote unsafe practices or increase the risk of exposure to the coronavirus for any individual.


At this time, Ricoh has seen no direct impact from COVID-19 but we are planning for any eventuality, including one where staff are affected directly.

Ricoh has established a Pandemic Planning and Response Group (PPRG) which consists of the MD, FD, IT Manager and Head of HR. The PPRG oversees our response to the outbreak and ensures that we are responding appropriately on behalf of our customers, staff and wider communities. Ricoh also has a steering group which is meeting daily via video conferencing to review our operational requirements and to ensure we are meeting the needs of our essential services customers as well as keeping staff safe.

The Ricoh pandemic response plan has clear steps which are being strictly adhered to. This includes most staff now working remotely and, those required for logistics and onsite technical service, being provided with protective wear and working on a roster basis to ensure social distancing is maintained.


As a technology company, Ricoh is well set up for staff working remotely. Most of our staff are equipped with laptops / tablets and can remotely connect with our servers to ensure continuity of service whether they are working in a Ricoh office, or from another location.

For those staff who cannot work remotely for a variety of reasons, we have measures in place so each team can function independently. Our aim is to ensure continued customer support through a variety of mechanisms including working remotely, provision of protective wear, social distancing and other protocols deemed useful.

As an ISO 27001 certified organisation, we can ensure staff access to customer information and content remains secure at all times. Ricoh’s focus on security and business continuity means we already have protocols in place to handle remote access and management of secure information.


Ricoh is operating according to the governments directives. All staff are now restricted to working from home unless they are engaged in the support of essential services. 

In terms of our supply chain, Ricoh has sufficient stock throughout New Zealand to manage and supply our customers at normal levels of demand for a period of 3 months. Our regional and global supply chains have practices in place to minimise the impact on local supply chains and to ensure the continuity of essential supplies of consumables for our customers.

March 26th, 2020