Are your education spaces providing a safe environment for your pupils and tutors?

Airborne viruses (like the flu and Covid-19, whooping cough and RSV) can be spread by breathing in the air exhaled by another person. High CO2 levels in the environment mean a higher % of the air you breathe is shared with other people which leads to higher exposure risk.

Our aim is to create smart and safe education spaces for productivity to thrive. ­We’ve been long-time exponents in enhancing the workspace experience for businesses worldwide and with the changes introduced in reaction to COVID we need new ways to monitor and improve the safety of these spaces.

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How does CO2 monitoring work?

Analytics provides the data required to monitor spaces and capture or prevent issues – in real time.

  • Install

    Small, wall-mounted sensors are installed in the at-risk areas of your building.

  • Monitor

    The device will scan the air in real-time and measure the amount of C02 in the space.

  • Notify

    Before dangerous levels are reached you'll be notified so you can increase ventilation in the area and reduce the risk of transmission.

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