Managed AV Services

Manage, monitor, measure, and automate your entire AV estate regardless of device and manufacturer from a single, cloud platform

Make your meetings more productive

Maintaining an effective meetings infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. With rapidly changing technology and exponential growth in demand, configuring and supporting a diverse estate of AV devices can put a strain on IT resources.

Monitoring all of your devices, meeting rooms and systems in real time would mean you can respond to problems as they arise and even resolve issues before they become apparent to users.

But the challenge lies in Bridging the gap between people, places and technology. You require an intelligent, brand-agnostic control platform to supervise your entire AV landscape, hardware and software alike.

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Real-time monitoring and data-driven decision making

Our Managed AV Service provides a cloud based monitoring solution that integrates with all of your AV devices and room solutions to provide real-time monitoring of the health, availability and usage of your systems.

  • Helpdesk support
    Available 24/7, our experienced helpdesk staff ensure that incidents are recorded and quickly resolved.
  • On-site support
    Most issues can be resolved remotely but if required we will despatch a technician to provide on-site support.
  • Asset register
    We can maintain a detailed register that provides insight into the lifecycle and location of your assets.
  • Data analysis
    Automating background processes, such as power-on/power-off, we can ensure that devices are ready for use.
  • Remote diagnostics
    Monitoring your devices in real time, we can detect, diagnose and resolve problems before they impact on usage.
  • Room/device automation
    Automating background processes, such as power-on/power-off, we can ensure that devices are ready for use.

Intelligent control platform

Providing a one-stop shop for all of your communication needs, we can help you design cutting-edge conferencing solutions, implement collaborative tools that make meetings more immersive, manage your physical and virtual meeting spaces in a secure cloud-based environment, and expertly maintain your new and existing AV systems.