Gmail Two Factor Authentication Configuration Guide

A step by step guide to reconfiguring your Gmail account to Ricoh’s printers.

Switch on 2-step verification

Configure 2-Step Verification

Configure for existing copier Gmail account (the email address the copier sends from)

  1. Click on ‘Manage your Google Account’
  2. Select the ‘Security’ option from the dropdown menu
  3. Select ‘2-Step Verification’


Follow Prompts

  1. Select ‘Get Started’
  2. Enter your password to verify that it is you



  1. Enter your phone number and select ‘Next’
  2. Confirm that it works via a text or phone call verification and select ‘Next’
  3. Select ‘Turn On’ at the bottom right corner



Signing to Google

Configure MFD Password

Sign in to your Google account

  1. Click on ‘App passwords’
  2. Enter your password for verification

Configuring MFD Password

Generate the app password

  1. Select ‘Other (Custom name)’
  2. Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for and click on ‘Generate’
  3. Replace your application/device’s password with the 16-character password shown

Updating MFD Password

Update MFD password

  1. Under the ‘Email’ menu select ‘Change’ that is located next to ‘SMTP Auth. Password’
  2. Enter a new password and confirm the password a second time then select ‘OK’
  3. Confirm details and select ‘OK’ again

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