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Ricoh’s MFDs make your office operations seamless

From copying and printing to faxing and document digitisation, your MFDs play a variety of roles in offices every day. As IT has advanced, and the way we work has changed, it is important for offices to be able to get the most out of their systems with an always-on, low-touch system.  We combine highly experienced customer engineers with the latest technology such as cloud technology, big data and AI to provide proactive support and maintenance, improving uptime, efficiency and capability. The result is a service that is unsurpassed.


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Faster transitions to new models

When you switch to a new MFD, it can be a labourious transition in order to keep the settings you used on the old one. The longer this process takes, the longer the downtime during which the MFD cannot be used.

To enable a faster transition to new models, Ricoh has created an easy process to import your settings from your old Ricoh MFD to your new one. All data is encrypted during the transfer to ensure full end-to-end security.

Making sure you always have the latest firmware

In order to keep your MFD up to date, the firmware needs to be updated. Previously updates required a visit from a customer engineer, but now our automatic update function keeps your device updated with the latest security settings for your peace of mind, and ensures the most convenient possible experience with your MFD at all times.

Remote management of your devices online

Ricoh provides a service that remotely manages the status and usage of your devices via the internet so that you can rest assured that your devices will always be in top working condition. Remote diagnostics are used to carry out the inspections your devices need, when they need them, preventing issues from occurring. Ricoh’s support centre is automatically notified in the event of a malfunction and acts quickly to resolve the issue.

Remote support that you can count on at all times

Ricoh’s remote support team is on hand to help you with a variety of issues and provide guidance if you’re unsure how to resolve a problem. They can view and operate the panel of your MFD remotely to identify the problem and help to solve it.

Cutting-edge maintenance using big data

Ricoh’s customer engineers use dedicated smart devices to check information on usage and parts for each customer. In the event of an issue, your customer engineer will access the nature and cause of the malfunction before visiting your office so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. Our team of customer engineers draw on extensive experience and analyse the big data we have gathered to provide you with a higher quality of support than ever before.

Using AI to prevent malfunctions

Ricoh carries out research and development on preventive measures using AI. Our AI technology analyses how your MFD is used, the environment in which it is used, and detects signs of abnormalities, malfunctions and other issues. Periodic maintenance is carried out with this technology to prevent problems.