What are the four stages of digital workplace security?

05 Apr 2018

The biggest threat to the survival or success of your business is cyber security. In 2017, the average cost of a data breach was $3.62 million (Ponemon Institute research). This cost is set to grow, as governments increasingly look to ensure businesses manage their data responsibly. This means your business must show how it can protect its data.

Today’s working environments often rely on multiple devices, different hardware assets and data storage that can all can be vulnerable. Even an office printer can be hacked for document information. That’s why Ricoh is prioritising offering security solutions that can give you real peace of mind. Complete digital workplace security comes in various stages:

  • Control
    lTaking control of your digital information means ensuring documents are only visible to relevant stakeholders. Crucially, ensuring your devices have authentication controls can also ensure only the relevant users access customer information. Ricoh’s locked print functions offer layers of security within advanced capture solutions. Personal Identity Verification (PIV) or Public Key Infrastructure encryption (PKI) can add additional layers.
  • Preservation
    Encrypting your business critical information protects your customers. This combines firmware validation and tamper-proof hardware security, with cryptographic Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) within our devices. Password settings enable duties to be segregated, and access restriction to the relevant employees. The latest software should also enable user lockout, following multiple attempts. This prevents modification, falsification and opportunistic threats where you need protection the most.
  • Destruction
    Just as you need to be concerned about the importance of control and preservation of data, so there ares when a digital shredder is needed to ensure data cleansing is secure. Regulations stipulate that data destruction must be comprehensive and eliminate potential future misuse. As such, our Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS) offers better security over your documents. As more and more businesses opt for cloud-based storage, so disposing of hardware is also crucial.
  • Support
    Businesses today need strategies to ensure that growth doesn’t equate to risk. Your business should be able to grow without fear of exposure, and this process requires specialist knowledge. Maintaining a high level of alertness across global assets is an area we can help with.

Do you know your Security risk?

Our 77 point security assessment will help you understand your security risk and remidate any pontential points of access.

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