Sanitising the Operation Panel on Ricoh Devices

17 Mar 2020
Process for cleaning operation panels on MFPs with disinfecting alcohol

Considering the worldwide developments of COVID-19, there has been heightened awareness towards community and personal hygiene.

Due to this, Ricoh have been receiving more enquiries on sanitsation of our operation panels. 

You may share these simple steps to any relevant personnel:

  • Turn off machine power.
  • Apply light amount of disinfecting alcohol (Isopropyl/Ethyl) onto cloth and wipe the operation panel. Do not pour alcohol solution directly onto operation panel or device surface.
  • Wipe dry operation panel with dry soft cloth, if needed.
  • Turn on machine power.

*Please take care to wipe down softly on the panel.

*Operation panels are not waterproof, so please do not apply any solution directly.

*Do not use any organic solvent, acid or alkali.