August 16, 2022

Five things we love about Microsoft Teams

To work effectively in modern landscape collaboration across a dispersed workforce is essential. To keep people engaged and productivity up you need to empower your people with the right tools for the job.

We’re going to highlight the five things we at Ricoh, love about Teams.

Effective communication

We’ve all been there, trying to arrange a meeting with team members from multiple departments and the ideal time doesn’t exist because schedules just never line up. With Microsoft Teams, scheduling is no longer an issue. Having group chat, online meetings, calling, and web conferencing all available inside the one hub means you can get your team on the same page for better project execution without the headaches and delays.

Collaborate across applications

As projects develop, the number of documents and assets can snowball, becoming convoluted and messy. Teams gives your employees the ability to collaborate on the same document thanks to built-in Office 365 applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Now, the number of files remains reasonable and manageable, while also developing organically as your project progresses.

Customisation for perfection

No two organisations are the same. Each and every organisation, even in the same industry, will have unique requirements and goals. Teams understands this and puts the orientation and structure of its makeup in your hands. You probably have a number of third-party services or applications that are integral to your day-to-day. Well, Teams lets you add these to your platform, as well as giving you the ability to build custom applications should the need to fit your unique organisational outcomes require it.

End-to-end security

Once something covered with a good anti-virus program and firewall, cyber-security is now at the forefront of IT strategy and thinking. With Teams, your employees can work with peace of mind knowing their information, and your organisation’s reputation is being protected in a proactive manner. Advanced security controls within Teams includes data loss prevention, information barriers, retention policies, legal hold and more.

Administrative control and compliance

As the digital economy develops, data compliance and regulation grow. Organisations are becoming increasingly observant of their regulatory obligations, and so they should.

Teams currently holds compliance capabilities to meet obligations for over 42 countries, regions and industry-specific regulations. These are easily monitored and controlled through a simple interface designed with IT in mind, for simple, streamlined administration.

With Ricoh’s Technology-as-a-Service, we can provide everything needed to create a digital workplace. Combine a modern device with Microsoft 365 which includes Teams, fleet analytics and support services all for one monthly fee. This move eliminates lumpy capital outlay and empowers your team with the tools they need to thrive.