Increasing Employment Opportunities

Inclusive Workplace & Culture

Since 2019 Ricoh has paid all employees a living wage. As a result, we’ve seen higher staff retention rates, greater role satisfaction and an increase in internal promotions driven by a higher level of staff loyalty. This has meant that we are constantly looking for talented individuals in our entry level roles.

Promotions also equal additional training for our staff, and they are provided the training required to take on the additional responsibilities that the promotion brings, from management training, financial training to systems training. We ensure that newly appointed managers are provided everything they need to be successful in their new roles.

Part of our commitment under the new AoG contract will be to further understand how this affects our employees beyond their roles within Ricoh i.e. Home Ownership rates etc.

Release to Work

Our Wellington branch has run a Release to Work pilot program with The Department of Corrections which has been hugely successful, both for us and the individual we worked with. The work release recipient received the living wage which we help them to save, on the work release date this individual will have over $50,000 saved to help them start on their new journey integrating back into society. We are now working on a framework which will allow us to assist with a transition to freedom for an individual in all major centres. Success will be measured by: Number of individuals taken on by this program, Role retention, Career progression. This program is to be ready for re-deployment by 2023.

Māori & Pasifika Start-Up Scholarships

Ricoh is developing a scholarship for the free provision of printing/copying equipment to start up organisations to ease the financial burden to new businesses. The aim is to increase the organisations likelihood of success. A successful business creates employment opportunities as well as contributing to the local economy. This will enable Ricoh to also continue contributing to the 5% target for spend with Māori & Pasifika Businesses.

Social Impact and Broader Outcomes

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