Machine Recycling

We’ve always been ahead of the pack – we were recycling our machines and parts before there were regulations to do it. We don’t want our products ending up in landfill, so our recycling program covers end of life devices and spare parts from Ricoh devices or any third party machines.

Did you know… Since the program started, over 1990 tonnes of devices have been recycled into reusable materials.

As the community focuses more on the environment and clean disposal of commercial and other waste, it is vital that responsible companies develop voluntary programs for handling end of life products.

No longer is it acceptable to dispose of office machines by committing them to landfill or shipping them offshore. It is for this reason that Ricoh has a recycling program in place for Ricoh brand machines.

This program is free for Ricoh customers for the recycling of machines once they have reached the end of their useful life. Ricoh accepts all Ricoh brand machines for responsible recycling within NZ.

We are constantly refining the process of end-of-life recycling of machines in order to achieve a greater resource recovery rate and minimise the impact of our products on the environment. This is an integral part of our Product Stewardship policy.

Contact us or speak to your Ricoh representative to find out how your organization can be involved.

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