Technology ownership is changing

Technology as a Service provides secure devices, software and scalable licensing on a per user, per month basis. All wrapped in an analytics platform.

What does TaaS augment?


Successfully traversing the digital landscape requires a core competency around delivering an optimal experience-not just inside the organisation, but extending to the customer as well. TaaS is your experience backbone.


Reengineering technology’s full lifecycle and core systems fosters a growth-oriented environment. Initiatives of this nature create impactful productivity gains and underpin growth-now and into the future.

What are your roadblocks to success?

In an era of dramatic digital forces and emerging technology, the landscape is riddled with success roadblocks.

  • Navigating 1000’s of vendors and solutions to find the right fit for your organisation
  • Significant ad hoc capital outlay on hardware and infrastructure
  • Providing the right cloud-based infrastructure and software for modern workforces
  • Implementing appropriate cyber-risk reduction solutions at a strategic level
  • Network infrastructure that isn’t built to keep up with the growing demands
  • Organisational flexibility and mobility to cater for the gig economy and other unique workforce needs


Partner with Ricoh to set your technology on a robust and secure foundation. Ricoh shapes technology solutions around a top-down view of a modern workplace. Download the infographic to learn more.


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TaaS – the invisible solution

When technology operates how it’s designed to, you don’t know it’s there.
Ricoh’s Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) is an all-encompassing, bespoke solution covering every technology need your organisation might have.



Seamless, uninterrupted access to your business-critical data and up-to-date applications.



Continuous improvement of strategic business functions through data-driven insights and analytics platforms.



No more IT vendor navigation-Ricoh identify the right solution to best deliver your unique business outcomes.



Predictability, reliability and consistency surrounding technology costs.



Ability to scale up or down depending on your business requirements.



Cyber and risk reduction strategies are embedded across TaaS so that your organisation is protected.

Ricoh, your invisible technology partner

As a global provider of cloud and managed IT services, Ricoh can transform the way you work. By partnering with us, your organisation can achieve invisible technology. Leave your mark on your company, your industry and on an entire world of possibility for your customers. Be visible.

Accelerate experience. Build growth. Explore TaaS.

Customer Story:

two people in large, empty warehouse

Mobilising a growing workforce

James Group

  • Predictability of cost
  • Always-on connectivity
  • Agile working environment with 24/7 remote access
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