'Protecting your Productivity: Security in the Modern Workplace'

Thursday 19th September | Ricoh Head Office

‘Protecting your Productivity: Security in the Modern Workplace’

Thursday 19th September | Ricoh Head Office, Auckland



Cybercrime and the motives behind it are evolving. Individuals used to hack for mischief, notoriety or to try and make a profit. Today, cyber-attacks are big business, increasingly sophisticated, and highly organised. Whether orchestrated by an organised crime syndicate, state-sponsored part of an activist movement or simply anarchic in nature, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay on top of the threats using traditional means of defence.

To tackle the increasingly fluid and organic nature of the threat landscape, organisations need to attack their security posture with a holistic approach.

This event is designed for those looking to get on top of their organisation’s IT security, and attack it from a proactive standpoint whilst maximising employee productivity.

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During this session, you will discover:

  • The unique and challenging nature of the cybersecurity landscape
  • Your security posture begins at the endpoint
  • Insightful analytics that can be leveraged from end-user devices to improve security andemployee productivity
  • Advanced security features inside HP devices and Microsoft 365
  • An innovative and secure way to simplify your technology stack

About our Speakers

Anthony Grasso

Director of Technology – Cyber Toa

Before joining Cyber Toa, Anthony was Head of Engineering and R&D at a sensitive government agency and prior to that the Cyber Lead at Department of Internal Affairs. His technical background and expertise come from a career in the UK and New Zealand, including R&D and software engineering teams at GCHQ, Hewlett Packard and Oracle.

He holds a first-class Honours Degree in real-time computing systems and has a first-class master’s degree in computer forensics – the only Interpol-Accredited forensic programme. Organisational flexibility and mobility to cater for the gig economy and other unique workforce needs.

Roly Smoldon

General Manager, IT Services – Ricoh New Zealand  

Roly provides leadership, direction and innovation to the IT Services and the Connect & Collaborate divisions of Ricoh New Zealand. As a team, Ricoh work with customers as an expert digital partner to meet their individual requirements. Ricoh’s IT services help organisations to run at full productivity, by ensuring that their IT infrastructure remains operational so they can focus on their business.


Session One






with Anthony Grasso

and Roly Smoldon



Session Two






with Anthony Grasso

and Roly Smoldon



Product Demonstrations

At the conclusion of the roundtable presentation, each attendee will have time to understand how HP, Microsoft and Ricoh can help your organisation take practical steps to improving your organisations IT security.

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