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RICOH GlobalScan NX

Capture and track documents with just the push of a button, digitisingpaper files saves time and office space

Scanning solutions do your filing for you. With RICOH Globalscan NXeveryone can digitise their documents and send them where they need to go- freeing your information from paper based media.
  • Create digital documents and store them to your customised filing system
  • Automate paper-based processes
  • Track documents with an auditable paper trail
  • Scalable to grow with your business

Archiving that’s easy and convenient

Using GlobalScan NX will create digital documents, automatically archivethem and also provides a high level of security to meet regulations. Documentscanning workflows are pre-set by administrators and mapped to buttons, fora reliable and effective solution. The user interface is customisable, andworkflows can be pre-set to keep your documents safe.

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  1. File all those documents with the push of a button
    Create digital documents and store them where you need, all from yourmultifunction device
  2. Stop looking for misplaced files
    Set your filing system so it’s scanned and stored from your office’s fleet ofmultifunction devices
  3. Securely keep and track documents
    Confidential data is kept under lock and key with an auditable and recognisedstorage solution. Add metadata for easy searching
  4. Send documents where you need them
    Documents can be scanned and sent to email addresses, faxes, homefolders, FTP, line of business systems and document archives
  5. Stop looking for faxes
    Eliminate separate fax machines by routing incoming faxes to select networkfolders (with fax-enabled multifunction devices)