Universal Print – Cloud Printing

More and more of your traditionally on-premise hosted services have moved to the cloud, so why not print?

Universal Print allows you to do just that. It connects your Ricoh print devices to your Microsoft 365 environment to manage all of your printing from a central, cloud location. This eliminates the need to resource and manage your own print server so you can easily scale up and down with changes to your requirements.

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Centralised print management in Azure

A single print driver is installed on your Microsoft Azure platform that connects to your print devices irrespective of model, removing the need for managing multiple drivers for different device types.

Support for Universal Print is built directly in to your windows devices so printing becomes a breeze for users and removes the headache of updating multiple devices for IT departments.

Universal Print Diagram

We can provide a seamless transition to cloud printing for you and your business, removing time-consuming maintenance and allowing you to focus on the parts of your business that matter.

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A modern, secure Cloud Printing experience with Universal Print

Location Based Printing

GPS based allocation makes it easy for users to locate their nearest printer and print right away.

Secure Management

Keep printers and documents secure using Azure AD and security groups.​

Easy Driver Management

Eliminate the need to install printer drivers across all user devices.

Print From Anywhere

Print from anywhere when connected to the internet and authenticated to Azure AD.

User Control

View, add, and print only to printers that user has access to.

Manage and Report

Robust management and reporting capabilities through the centralized Azure portal.​

Print Management in the cloud

All of the usual print management functions that you require are available through Universal Print.

  • Enable secure release through PIN or card authentication
  • Set User Quotas
  • Establish print policies
  • Track scan, copy and print usage

So you can get all the benefits of cost avoidance and reporting, secure user printing and improved workflow while in new, cloud environment

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