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Ricoh ICE Cloud computing productivity from your MFP

  • Cloud scanning and printing
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 128-bit encryption of documents

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Discover newfound productivity with Ricoh ICE cloud printing and cloud scanning solution. Extend the capabilities of your multifunction printer (MFP) or Smart Operation Panel equipped single-function printer and streamline document conversion— while taking advantage of smart processing in the cloud. And all of our ICE packages come standard with mobile printing.

With Ricoh ICE, you get a cloud scanning and cloud printing service that can connect to many other cloud-based services. Through a simple, intuitive interface with large graphical buttons, you can access all of the activated services of ICE from your device’s touchscreen panel. As users add new services, they automatically appear in the menu displayed on the touchscreen.

  • Save time and improve productivity with cloud scanning and cloud printing that connects to 20+ other cloud-based services
  • Directly scan and route documents while making documents searchable, editable and easier to find with automated OCR and file conversion.
  • Quickly implement ICE with no system integration, software updates or maintenance—and print from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

ICE also enables processes such as optical character recognition (OCR), document indexing and file conversion to be performed in the cloud. It can even preserve complex tables and diagrams when converting documents. Once converted, electronic files can then be sent to other cloud-based services or delivered to an email address as a searchable text document.

Ricoh ICE currently offers five packages designed for your specific business challenges, with more industry-specific packages to come. These packages are tailored to the digital processes necessary for success in different environments. The packages include: Office, Advanced Office, Education, Legal and Printer.