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EFI Fiery Central Combine prepress and printer resources into simple workflows

  • Produce more complex print jobs
  • Send jobs to multiple printers
  • Automate popular tasks for quicker output

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One user interface brings everything together in your print room. With EFI Fiery Central you can automate repetitive tasks, customise workflows and route jobs for output.

Delivering all your output into one powerful solution delivers work more quickly and cost effectively. With Fiery Central you gain easy access to all the functionality of Fiery WorkFlow Suite, realising a new level of productivity.

Manage all output in one solution

Combine print resources and control up to 12 printers for cost-effective production. Using certified, job definition formats (JDF) integration, it manages all stages of production for one seamless workflow. With Workflow Suite, you can add modular products when you need them to increase automation and adapt to changing customer demands. The end result is more profit and faster document output.

  • Work faster
    Process multiple jobs at the same time
  • Take on more work
    Adding automation lets you produce more complex print jobs
  • More turnaround
    Automate popular tasks for quicker output
  • Top down management
    Communicates with business management systems for added integration
  • Load balance
    Send jobs to multiple printers for better throughput