Managed AV for Retail

Multimedia devices are becoming more and more prevalent in the retail environment, replacing traditional print advertising and point-of-sale with scheduled, engaging content.

As stores adopt this technology across their floor-plan, from welcome signage to in-aisle offers, the number of devices is ballooning and requires major management and deployment.

Ricoh’s Managed AV Solutions are responsible can deliver a platform that monitors the health, status and availablity of your devices ensuring your always-on displays are always-on.

Our service connects directly to your devices, regardless of brand or model, and provides real-time updates on the device so any failure is immediately picked up and either update your team or send one of our engineers to replace or repair.

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Rapid Deployment

With configurations of devices stored in the cloud swapping out faulty equipment becomes almnost plug and play meaning deployment times and resource can be greatly reduced.

The right managed AV solution will ensure that your AV estate performs for your users avoiding to your scheduled content and customer messaging.

  • Lower upfront costs – Reduce the need for large up-front hardware expenditure by using existing network infrastructure, providing a budget-friendly solution.
  • On-demand scalability –  Deployment of technology when and where it’s needed. Adding or replacing individual components or entire locations is easy, quick and cost-efficient.
  • Reduced support costs – Remote configuration, assessment and trouble-shooting, so fewer technicians can support more locations with greater efficiency.>
  • Better management decisions – Deliver metrics, analytics and other insights that drive management decisions, including return on investment, cost of ownership, usage and operational health.

Ricoh Managed AV Services

Our Managed AV Service provides a cloud based monitoring solution that integrates with all of your AV devices and room solutions to provide real-time monitoring of the health, availability and usage of your systems.

Ricoh Managed AV

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