Managed AV for Education

The importance of effective communication technology in the classroom and virtual classroom has intensified in recent years. Today’s students expect a multimedia educational experience.

This, plus the availability of new technologies has put pressure on campus AV teams to upgrade the systems in their classrooms and lecture halls. The rapid growth of distance learning has also put demand on AV capabilities. To remain competitive, schools need a cost-effective way to enhance the communication tools they provide to faculty and students.

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Remote Learning

COVID has accelerated the move to a hybrid remote and in-class learning model. The uptake in technology required to meet this demands also increased the demand on managing this technology. Finding a simple solution to ensuring the continuity and optimal use of your devices and spaces.

The right managed AV solution will ensure that your AV estate performs for your users avoiding disruption to classroom or lecture hall schedules.

  • Lower upfront costs – Reduce the need for large up-front hardware expenditure by using existing network infrastructure, providing a budget-friendly solution.
  • Fast implementation – Connects to the existing campus IT network and uses the same interfaces the AV team already knows, so implementation and adoption is smooth and quick.
  • On-demand scalability –  Deployment of technology when and where it’s needed. Adding or replacing individual components or entire rooms is easy, quick and cost-efficient.
  • Reduced support costs – Remote configuration, assessment and trouble-shooting, so fewer technicians can support more rooms with greater efficiency.>
  • Happy faculty members – An interface designed with the user in mind, customisable by the user, with access from any tablet, PC or smartphone.
  • Better management decisions – Deliver metrics, analytics and other insights that drive management decisions, including return on investment, cost of ownership, usage and operational health.
  • The right technology mix – Rooms can be modified quickly and cheaply, enabling cost-effective concept testing and fast, affordable implementation of new component mixes as educational needs and technologies advance.

Ricoh Managed AV Services

Our Managed AV Service provides a cloud based monitoring solution that integrates with all of your AV devices and room solutions to provide real-time monitoring of the health, availability and usage of your systems.

Ricoh Managed AV

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