Digital Signage

How can you get your message across to your customers and/or staff members instantly and engagingly?

With our cloud-based management platform and highly-visual display screens you can upload dynamic, impacting content at the touch of a button and watch it update in real time.

Whether you’re looking to display internal company information , promote product deals in-store or advertise your company externally you can create scheduled, targeted content to get your message to the people you want to see it.


Choose the right display

Curved screens, video walls, transparent panels and even touchscreen fridges; there’s a unique solution to display your message.

Ricoh can supply the industry leading technology to set your signage apart.

digital signage screens - curved, video wall, transparent
Smartsign digital signage location interface

Manage Multiple Locations

Our cloud based offering with our partner, Smartsign, allows you to categorise your screens into different locations, types, and functions.

This allows you to easily push content to the right set of screens at the right time.

Schedule your content

Pre-planning your content schedule means you set up your screens for the week, month or even year to match your marketing schedule.

And should your schedule change your screens can easily be updated to match.

Smartsign digital signage publishing interface
Digital Signage tracking people

Dynamically Target your Audience

We know that not all content is suitable for all audiences.

Using trigger technology such as facial recognition, mobile phone handset identifiers and other identification methods your screens can serve targeted content to match the demographic of the individual.

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