Reducing risk in compliance


Products and Services

  • Kofax Process Automation

Key Benefits

  • 75 man hours saved per day
  • Saving 7 minutes of processing time per document
  • Simplified customer application process

We've understood what the technologies are but also I think we've understood what the partner (Ricoh) can achieve with us

James Woodward, GM Enterprise Operations


Kiwibank’s mission is “Kiwis making Kiwis better off”, helping to deliver strong financial outcomes for Kiwi businesses, families and everyone across the country.


Kiwibank required a better understanding of customer needs and requirements, as well as having a very robust handle on process and compliance for both customers and the bank itself.


Ricoh implemented a number of process automation solutions, including Kofax Total Agility. This helped with:

  • Form process automation
  • Increasing accuracy of data input
  • Streamlining customer application processes
  • Ensuring all necessary compliances were met
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