A Culture of Commitment

Ricoh’s commitment to service and the capability to deliver partner seamlessly with its workplace innovation. Our service delivery teams, engineers, logistics network and contact centre are based in New Zealand. That means world class support, delivered locally.

A culture of commitment isn’t just about getting the right people in the right places. You also need them to take your company’s journey with you. At Ricoh we ensure all of our staff are a part of the journey. Since 2009 we have implemented over 4,000 ideas from our staff that improve an aspect of our business in Sustainability, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Cost Reduction and Revenue Generation.

Whether it’s big or small, each idea is an incremental step in providing a better service to our customers and empowering our staff.

Ricoh - A Culture of Commitment - Location map

Confidence in Ricoh

As technology changes so does the skills and expertise needed to deliver success. Our people are backed by recognised service, project and change management methodologies.

For our customers this means they have the confidence in both the process and the outcome.

Business of Change

In a constantly changing world see how Ricoh leads digital transformation.

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Empowering Digital Workplaces

We provide our customers with ways to change the way their business works with powerful, digital technology.

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