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Ricoh New Zealand Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report includes information about our company and demonstrates the ways in which sustainability is an integral part of all our business activities. This report integrates financial and non-financial information to facilitate a better understanding of Ricoh New Zealand.

Our most recent report details Ricoh New Zealand’s sustainability performance from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017. The report is published annually and is a summary of initiatives being undertaken by Ricoh’s nationwide network.

The 2017 report is our tenth sustainability report.

Some of the highlights from the 2017 reporting year include:

  • Improvements in diversity – the reporting year has seen a general increase in employee and manager numbers, but most noticeably an increase of women in management positions to eleven.
  • Enviro-mark Solutions award – as acknowledgement of Ricoh New Zealand’s commitment to a sustainable future, Enviro-mark Solutions awarded Ricoh with their Outstanding Performance in Carbon Product Footprint Management award.
  • Continuing growth – net sales for Ricoh New Zealand increased again, to $141m, once again taking out the top spot in Ricoh’s Asia Pacific region for profit.
  • Year-on-year progress with recycling – a further increase in our recycling of toner cartridges and end-of-life machines builds on last years impressive results:
  •  In the reporting year we increased our toner cartridge recycling by 26 per cent and our end-of-life machine recycling by 55 per cent.
  • 2017 also saw a significant improvement in e-waste collection – up by 43 per cent – as well as a 14 per cent increase in customers joining our recycling scheme.
  • Community engagement – Ricoh New Zealand’s support of the Tour of New Zealand continued in 2017, with Managing Director Mike Pollok and twenty-two other Ricoh riders taking part in support of the Unicorn Foundation NZ. The combined efforts of Ricoh and Unicorn Foundation cyclists raised a staggering $170,000.