Innovation has made us who we are today. Innovations, more than the development of an idea, are the ‘spark’ that leads to new, faster and more efficient processes. Innovations help you move your ideas forward.

We are a company built on the continual generation of ideas that move the world forward. Innovation at Ricoh is driven by our market foresight and understanding of customer needs. With a history of product world firsts, we are committed to defining innovative processes that change the way you do things, for the better. Saving time, saving energy and saving costs.

But it’s not only about big ideas and it’s not only about thinking outside the square. Small ideas are just as powerful.


It’s how to achieve “Big Leaps” through small steps.

And at Ricoh New Zealand we understand that everyone needs to be part of that process. The closer you are to a process or tasks the more likely you are to be able to spot ways to improve them.

We want….

  • All employees to become problem solvers.
  • Innovation to become part of their daily jobs.
  • To create an organisation where employees not only accept change, but embrace change.
  • To foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement and learning.


thinkTWICE is our ideas platform. It allows our employees to spot a better way of doing things and to get that put in to action.

Over 4000 ideas have been implemented since it’s launch in 2009, improving the way we work within: Sustainability, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagment, Cost Reduction and Revenue Generation.

That’s over 4000 incremental improvements to our organisation… And counting.


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