Environment and Sustainability

Ricoh sees a sustainable society as one that balances Planet (the environment), People (society) and Profit (our economic activities).

The transformation of our ‘environment’ is making it vital for corporate activities to address emerging social issues. Ricoh has delivered customer value over the years by innovating, but we now bring that same innovation to the restoration of our environment.

Whether that’s through improving our own business efficiencies, providing recycling for our machines and toners or supporting organisations championing green policies, we aim to lead businesses in being sustainable.

Ricoh Global eco action

Ricoh’s promotion of sustainable environmental management focuses on the 4 pillars of:

  • energy conservation and the prevention of global warming
  • resource conservation and recycling
  • pollution prevention
  • conservation of biodiversity

Since 2006, the Ricoh Group sets 5 June; ‘World Environment Day’, as ‘Ricoh Global Eco Action’, when all members of Ricoh Group around the world think about the global environment, take eco actions, and improve their eco awareness.

See more about our annual Eco Action day 2020 – Ricoh Global Eco Action Day

Sustainable Development Goals

Ricoh x SDGs

We are undertaking a range of initiatives in alignment with our message for sustainability, which is to drive sustainability for our future. This message conveys our determination to create new value to resolve social issues and help materialise a sustainable society through business.

See how we are working with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to meet our targets

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Machine Recycling

We don’t want our products ending up in landfill, so our recycling program covers end of life devices and spare parts from Ricoh devices or any third party machines.

Machine Recycling

Toner Cartridge Recycling

Setting the industry benchmark, our free-to-customers program has recycled over 1,104 tonnes of toner cartridges.

Toner Cartridge Recycling

Being small doesn't mean you can't think big

Every organisation can make an impact on reducing carbon footprint, no matter the size. See our 8 tips to get you started.

8 tips to reduce your carbon footprint

8 Tips to reduce your office footprint

We’re always looking for ways to improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. Here are a few simple things to implement in your office to help you achieve a cleaner, greener workspace.

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Reducing Paper Consumption

Ricoh has set targets for the reduction of paper consumption internally. Our goal is to reduce our paper consumption by 4% over the previous year’s consumption.

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ISO14001 certification at the new 2015 standard