Protecting Your Productivity

As your data explodes, do you have a revised strategy for protecting and managing sensitive and business-critical data? As our workplaces become increasingly agile and we access data from anywhere at anytime, it’s critical your data protection strategy can handle the new normal.

The introduction of the The Privacy Act 2020 in New Zealand has changed the playing field for compliance for all NZ business. Understanding how your technology is implicated in protecting your data and business is key to finding success


A User-Centric World

Your business needs to be where your employees are. They are multi-location, multi-device and always-on so they need their data to be available and for access to be fast and reliable. They could be sharing data with internal and external sources using a variety of applications.

You don’t want to be limited by your technology , so how can you can you meet their needs while staying secure, managing identities and controlling access?


passwords reused for all accounts


of employees prefer BYOD.


different apps used daily.


of employees regularly share sensitive information.

Securing your modern workplace

  • 1. Review and analyse your current IT landscape and processes
  • 2. Identify investments that can be leveraged and any gaps
  • 3. Create a plan with a roadmap and program of work
  • 4. Implement your program of work
  • 5. Train and educate your user community

Customer Story:

Secure and Simple Collaboration


  • Simplified Communications
  • Easy file sharing
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Efficient Task Management
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How Microsoft can help you to adhere to security and privacy requirements

The M365 environment is an easy way to protect your data. Compliance and regulation is built in to the platform so combined with strong internal practices your data is safe and secure.

Below are some resources that address both NZ privacy regulation and compliance and security of the M365 platform.