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MediusFlow AP invoice automation for greater control & efficiency

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Gain total visibility of your accounts payable with automated workflows enabling a fully touchless AP invoice process

By automating every step of the invoice management process, MediusFlow allows you to reduce manual work, accelerate invoice processing, and gain greater financial control and visibility.

  • Automatically connect incoming invoices with the correct PO in your ERP
  • Match invoice data on line-level detail to ensure a high touchless processing ratio
  • Quickly identify and review deviations to dramatically improve approval times
  • Identify and solve process bottlenecks using powerful analytical tools


Discover touchless invoice processing

MediusFlow’s industry-leading matching engine allows you to fully automate the processing of PO-based invoices. No manual intervention is required from your accounts payable team or anyone else within your organization creating a simple, touchless experience. The invoice management process is measured and tracked using our KPIs and benchmarking capabilities, including our Touchless Ratio.

Our accounts payable automation software facilitates the matching of incoming invoice data against a purchase order, goods receipt note or contract. It enables truly flexible matching at different levels, depending on the amount and type of data available. That means matching can be based on a wide range of information, including line items, line totals or the invoice header.

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