Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (also known as Intelligent Information Management) is a solution designed to manage an organisation’s documents.

From commercial supply chains to contract management, or HR processes to government administration, the driving force behind implementing an ECM solution is to do business better.

By eliminating dependence on paper documents and organising unstructured information according to business need, organisations are empowered to work more efficiently.

Regardless of industry, sector, business size or location, customers want ECM to help:

  • Remove dependence on paper and streamline business processes
  • Drive better customer service and increase productivity
  • Reduce organisational risk

Key Elements of ECM

Capture documents digitally

Using electronic forms, intelligent document scanning and filing of current digital content we can automatically add your content to your repository

Store documents in a digital repository

With a robust ECM system your organisation can easily store any business-critical document in a digital repository

Retrieve documents, regardless of device or location

Find any document using full-text search from any connected device, wherever you are

Automate document-driven processes

Create flows that route documents, create alerts and recognise errors

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